Facemaskin takaa: #22 Richard "Beastmode" Ikpah

#22 "Beastmode" Ikpah
Haastatteluvuorossa on Sun Cityn hyväntuulisin pelaaja Richard Ikpah (RB). Richie on todellinen joukkuepelaaja, joka aika tekee treenit täysillä loppuun asti. Richie aloitti lajin viime talvena ja alusta alkaen vaikutti että kyseessä on aikamoinen peluri. Richien todistikin sen parhaalla mahdollisella tavalla tekemällä ensimmäisessä sarjapelissään 3 TD:tä.

1. One year behind, rookie season was quite good for you with 5 td:s. What do you expect from season 2015?
Wow well time flies it's one year already and a new one ahead I have so high expectations for myself this year. Am hoping for 10 to 15 TDs to this season and I will make it happen. 

2. What do you think about Sun City as a team/club?
Oh Sun City I love this club with my all, and am so happy to be in the team because everyone gives each other the support and I am happy about that. 

3. What do you think about your position as a rb?
I really like my position as a RB. And I will like to try any other positions but still want to be a RB tho ☺.

4. Winter training in cuplis and the mini-camps in Tammisaari, how have everything gone sofar,both personally and for the team?
It's all been good got my first Hammer and am hoping to work harder for more.

5. How did you find american football and Sun City?
I had it from Miksu (Mikael Björkqvist) and Jacob (Söderlund) at first then I told Tony Andersson (HC) I like to come and try haha then I got hooked.
Richie on vaikeasti pysäytettävä RB

6. Why should people come and see Sun City games during summer?
People should come see the game because I believe it's a great great game and people should come to  see our game because we are sun city.

7. Your nickname is beastmode ;) what is the story about that?
The name beastmode I think it came after my third training or so I had Miksu and some of the guys screaming wuuuuu nice run u are beastmode so I guess that's how I became beastmode.

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